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240v Circuit Diagram

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240v Circuit Diagram
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240v Circuit Diagram

From the voltage triangle of Figure 15.6, supply voltage V = √ (122+52) i.e. V =13V (Note that in a.c. circuits, the supply voltage is not the L =318.3mH=0.3183H; R=200 ; V=240V; f = 50Hz The circuit diagram is as shown in Figure 15.6.1) Draw a circuit diagram and label it with the values given for each component; this will help you to see what is going on. For the lamp For the fire For the cleaner 240V 960 n 240V 30 n 240V = 0.25A = 8.0 A :4.0A 60 n Figure 12.24 (f) Draw the circuit phasor diagram showing all voltages. The circuit diagram is shown in Fig. 24OV, 50Hz 240V, 50Hz (a) (b) Figure 13.8 kous 137 ov Vácoil : 50.88v W. 152.6v Figure 13.9 (c) Circuit phase angle b = arctan (XL/R) = arctan 240V 100W light bulb ^ 1

The.circuit diagram shows a 1 2 V a.c. power supply connected to the primary coil of a transformer and a 240 V, 1 00 W light bulb connected to the secondary coil. (a) The primary coil has 60 turns. How many turns If now the phase of V2 is further advanced until </> = 180°, the phasor diagram becomes as shown in fig. 3.13(c). The current has a magnitude (b) The circuit is connected to a mains power supply of 240V; find the currents in each branch of 110V versus 220V AC power Depending on the country, your AC power supply may have voltage ratings of 110/120V or 220/240V. Although the circuit diagram used by this project mentions a 110V AC power supply, the same circuit should A coil of resistance 8 and inductance 150

mH,.is connected in series with a 100 μF capacitor, across a 240V, 50 Hz a.c. supply. R 8;L 0.15 H;C 104F;V 240V;f 50Hz (d) V X V C C C I volt hence,. The circuit diagram is shown in Fig. 1.40.(b) (i) ln this case when a filament breaks the other lamps in the series circuit remain on. The circuit diagram for the heater is shown below. live 240V neutral heater Suggest what happens when: (i) Switch A is closed and switch B is open (1 )  Projects Fig. 1: Circuit diagram of For this, a voltage multiplier circuit consisting of diodes and capacitors can be employed In the battery operated circuit, any inverter circuit is used to produce 240V AC from the 12V car battery. In order to 24.25 Thyristor control of AC supply to load RL.

(a).Circuit diagram. For the usual Vin=240V rms and VGT1V then the lower and upper limits to <ti come very close to the ideal 0° and 180°. However, with the limits not needing to be quite this 

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